Make-Up Tricks to Look Younger

Make-Up Tricks to Look Younger

As time goes by, you start noticing changes in your skin: it loses its glow, wrinkles start to appear along with stress lines, flaccidity and other effects of aging on skin.

Therefore, a touch of subtle make-up helps any woman look better. The secret lies in using soft and natural colors that blend with the skin and give it a peachy look.

Follow these tricks to give your skin a fresh and bright look:

Choose light and bright foundation to give your skin a moist look. This way, your skin will also seem healthier and moisturized. As we get older, our skin gradually loses its moist becoming dry and dull. For that reason, we need moisturizing foundation that gives us a fresh and bright look.

Most experts agree that you need to pick a foundation that is lighter than your own skin tone. According to Armani, one lighter skin tone means 10 years younger.

Apply dark spot corrector in the areas where you start seeing the aging stains. Try to precise, however. Corrector should only be applied precisely on the darker spots, until it blends with the make-up.

The corrector must not be applied all over the dark circle under the eyes, but on the area that is closer to your nose, in the corner of the eyelid.

Use a corrector that is lighter than your foundation and spread it under your eyes towards your temples. This will brighten up the expression of your eyes in a subtle way. However, just be careful not to use an extremely light tone as it would only highlight your flaws.