Last Minute Beauty

last minute beauty tips

We all have those mornings where we find ourselves chasing the clock a little too much; didn't hear the alarm, urgent email to deal with, clothes need to be taken out of the washing machine, bird flew in through the window - you name it. There are so many possible things that could put you behind schedule and you may find that your beauty routine is the very thing that takes the hit and doesn't get the time you would like to dedicate to it.

Firstly, let's establish that it is not a question of vanity of how much time one spends getting ready… it's a presentation of who you are to society and of course your impression upon the rest of your species is important and affects your day to day life. So don't feel guilty about wanting to take time to carefully groom yourself - you are in fact caring about so much more than your looks. But we'll leave the heavily psychological discussion for another time and focus on what to do when you have no time to dedicate to your beauty regime…

Let's say, you have a grand total of less than five minutes to do your hair and make up today. Fantastic, we can make it work just fine with that.

The Face

With just two minutes you can:

1. Apply a bright lipstick for instant glamour. Red is the obvious choice as it has been tried and tested many, many times before, but no matter what you choose, be bold with your choice. It's the key point to your look today.

2. Add some colour to your cheeks. By bypassing the foundation you are giving yourself the opportunity to let your skin breath, but whilst we are here, why not opt for a nice glow?

3. Eyebrows. Über important as they frame your entire face. Grab a pencil and feel free to go a little overboard with filling them in. They will balance out the bright lipstick extremely well and still bring out your features quite nicely.

That's all you need.

The Hair

With just two minutes you can:

1. Tie your hair up into a bun; messy, neat, tight, loose - it really doesn't matter.

2. Spritz all of the flyaway hairs so that they are neatly tamed against the flow of the hair. That's the only bit you need to worry about as flyaway hairs have a habit of making your hairstyle look messier than it really is.

3. If you have a cute clip or hair accessory to add for a small personal touch then feel free to, but it's really not necessary as the make-up and bun will work as a well-pulled together look.

Now, Off you go!